Moast – D2C SaaS Technology

Quick Information

  • Name of Startup: Moast
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Website:
  • Type of company: SaaS, B2B, DTC Technology
  • HQ Location: Montreal

Startup Founders:

Andrew Finlayson Steve Mastromonaco Mark Yeramian

Startup one-liner:

Moast uses your community of loyal customers to convert shoppers faster.

Problem the startup solves:

Moast connects shoppers with local product owners to provide honest, authentic and unique shopping experiences. With Moast, shoppers can build trust with brands and feel more confident in their purchasing decisions allowing brands to accelerate their sales cycle. A brand’s loyal customers are their biggest untapped resource. Moast allows brands to build a community around these customers, connecting like-minded people and helping attract new customers.

Progress and current status:

Moast launched its beta in early 2022. Since then we have gone on to onboard dozens on DTC brands onto our platform. Moast is constantly adding more features that make it easier for brands to tap into their network of loyal customers and work with them to provide unique shopping experiences for their prospective customers.

What is a crazy story about the startup?:

Two of Moast’s founders previously ran a boutique digital marketing agency. Working with a handful of DTC brands, they noticed that they often struggled with getting their products in front of their customers and building trust with their shoppers. This was especially true for brands selling relatively expensive items online with little to no retail distribution. They came up with the unique solution to use existing customers to provide demos to other shoppers in their areas. This concept quickly expanded to “cheaper” product categories where shoppers can connect with “Hosts” either in-person or virtually.

What is a company the startup looks up to, and why?:

Moast is building a new category in itself with little to no competitors. This is a challenge but also exhilarating at the same time. Moast looks ups to DTC brand Outer ( who built a similar extensive “showroom” program in-house and is seeing great success from such a program.

The company in four years will be…

The leading Social Commerce platform to power all businesses on a global scale. Moast will integrate innovative features including extensive analytics from these Host programs as well as “Cloud Warehousing” which will allow brands to store and sell product through their Hosts.

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