MeetMoji | B2B SaaS

In today’s hybrid forever world, where online meetings have become the norm, there has been an explosion of meeting platforms and a proliferation of engaging applications. However, running a well-produced and engaging meeting has become more complicated and stressful than ever before. This is where MeetMoji comes in. MeetMoji is a B2B SaaS startup that aims to simplify the process of presenting engaging content and delivering captivating moments consistently on any meeting platform and with any audience type. Its mission is to make meetings simple to run and engaging for everyone, consistently.

Founded in 2022 by Brian Paget, MeetMoji is on a mission to solve a problem that Paget himself experienced firsthand. During the pandemic, while working as the head of marketing and communications for a $1 billion subsidiary of SAP, Paget’s team had to migrate all their events from in-person to online and eventually to hybrid formats. Facing budget cuts and the need to produce meetings with limited resources, they struggled to find solutions that allowed them to deliver well-produced, engaging meetings in a simple and efficient way.

After moving on to a job at AWS and witnessing similar challenges with meeting engagement and production, Paget decided it was time for his midlife crisis. He took the leap and founded MeetMoji to simplify the process of delivering well-produced meetings that work seamlessly on any meeting platform. With firsthand experience and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in the hybrid forever world, Paget set out to build a solution that would empower presenters and alleviate the stress of running the technical aspects of meetings.

One company that MeetMoji looks up to is Calendly, led by Tope, an enterprise software veteran who, much like Paget, identified a problem and started a company to solve it. The growth of Calendly during and after the pandemic serves as inspiration for MeetMoji, highlighting the numerous opportunities to improve how we schedule, meet, and engage in the hybrid world.

Looking ahead, MeetMoji envisions itself becoming the Canva for meetings. Similar to how Canva simplified the process of creating visually appealing content, MeetMoji aims to simplify the production quality of meetings for everyone. While there are various ways to deliver engaging online meetings, few have truly mastered the art. As someone who spent a decade at Adobe and has a deep understanding of the creative cloud, Paget recognizes the need for well-produced content. However, it is equally important for that content to shine when delivered in a well-run meeting. MeetMoji’s mission is to raise the production quality of every meeting by providing an easy-to-use platform that takes the stress off presenters, allowing them to focus on engaging their audience rather than managing the technical aspects.

In just a few years, MeetMoji aims to revolutionize the meeting landscape by providing a simple and efficient solution for producing and running engaging meetings. By leveraging technology and innovation, MeetMoji plans to empower presenters and transform every meeting into an immersive and captivating experience. As we continue to adapt to the hybrid forever world, the need for solutions like MeetMoji becomes increasingly evident. With its early beta progress and unwavering commitment to simplifying meeting experiences, MeetMoji is poised to make a significant impact in the world of virtual and hybrid meetings.