Maildroppa – Email Marketing App

Quick information:

  • Name of Startup – Maildroppa
  • Year Founded – 2021
  • Website –
  • Company Type – Email Marketing App

Startup founders:

Marcus Biel – Founder and CEO


Maildroppa is the GDPR-compliant email-marketing-app for bootstrappers and single-founders

Problem the startup solves:

We help bootstrapping single founders to setup a GDPR compatible newsletter signup form in under 5 minutes, so they can focus on their business instead. As the company grows, we offer also industry standards like list segmentation, custom fields and tags or sending campaigns and scheduled campaigns (based on complex user segmentations and dynamic filters if needed). Best of all, Maildroppa allows the customer to create beautiful sign up forms that totally stand up – including exclusive features like dynamically showing the current number of subscribers on the sign up form to improve the sign up rates through the social proof.

Progress and current status:

We did a beta launch in 2021. We did our 1.0 with a ton of extra features in June 2022. Maildroppa is constantly growing.

What is a crazy story about your startup?

Maildroppa is fully bootstrapped, with the help of freelancers from all over the world, mostly from Ukraine, because these girls and guys are just the best. :)

What is a company your startup looks up to, and why?

Twitter, because we constantly use it to exchange our ideas with the startup and email-marketing community.

Your company in four years will be…

One of the global players of email marketing tools

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