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LifeHealth Innovation, Inc.


Quick Information

  • Name of Startup: LifeHealth Innovation, Inc.
  • Year Founded:2021
  • Website: Affinitea Kickstarter
  • Type of company: D-T-C
  • HQ Location: Chicago, IL.

Startup Founders:

  • Robert Schwartz – Co-Owner, manages the day-to-day operation from Social Media, product development, logistics, and basically anything that needs to move the business forward.
  • Anthony Priley – Co-Owner, Inventor & Tea Guru. Manage tea & herbal offering and design recipes that work best within the Affinitea Brewing System. Linkedin –

Startup one-liner:

Genius Tea Brewer + Luxury Tea Subscription, Machine Delivers Consistency and Quickness Paired with Superior Full Leaf Tea and Herbs

Problem the startup solves:

There has been no innovation for tea in over 100 years. Since the tea bag was accidentally invented. Steeping tea has no consistency with each cup. The Affintiea Brewing System now controls all the variables required to brew tea and herbs quickly and consistently. The following variables are Water Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure (Above or Below Earth’s 14 psi), Contact Time (Between Tea & Water), Agitation, and Tea Weight (Tea Yields 4x Coffee by Weight). These variables are the core of our patent portfolio. Control of these variables is necessary to brew tea and herbal beverages consistently. The additional variables of leaf size and the degree to which the leaves are rolled are utilized to determine the ratio of each of the variables listed above.

Progress and Current Status:

We are currently in the last week on Kickstarter and will be filling all of our backer’s orders in June 2023.

What is an Inspiring Story about the Startup?:

Anthony was in the coffee shop business and customers also ordered tea. He found it very frustrating that there was no consistency for a cup of tea, but there was total consistency with a cup of coffee. He figured out and patented the approach for making a consistent cup of tea by using pressure and agitation with full-leaf tea. Robert has a background in the kitchen electrics business and partnered with Anthony on building a new innovative brewing system that incorporates these patents.

What is a Company the Startup Looks Up to, and Why?:

I know it’s not sexy right now, but the number of startup companies that Elon Musk has started is amazing and something to look up to. The fact that he has been able to create multiple companies at the same time is a case study of perseverance. Of all his companies, I would say Tesla has been super impressive as they have disrupted the complete auto industry.

The Company in Four Years Will Be…

In Four Years, we will grow LIfeHealth Innovation into a major disruptor for healthy drinks. This will mostly be upstaging the soft drink market in the United States and its volume of almost $2.9 billion. Then we will be expanding our patent portfolio into other countries and grow country by country.


Author : Tom Heien

Admin at KillerStartups. Loves to talk about artificial intelligence, automation, and the future of the internet.

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