Journify | User journey mapping and tracking SaaS

In today’s data-driven business landscape, understanding the user journey and its impact on a product’s performance is vital for achieving remarkable growth. However, the complexity of manual tracking and the challenge of gaining a complete, single view of conversions at each step of the user journey can hinder businesses from making data-driven decisions. Enter Journify, a London-based startup founded in 2023. Journify simplifies user journey mapping and tracking, providing AI-powered insights that empower businesses to optimize their products, enhance conversions, and deliver exceptional user experiences.

In a world where data is scattered across various sources, businesses face the challenge of piecing together the entire user journey and understanding its influence on their overall performance. Journify addresses this pain point by offering a comprehensive solution that visualizes and measures each step of the user journey. By eliminating the complexity of manual tracking, Journify equips businesses with the necessary insights to identify pain points, optimize conversions, and make informed decisions for product growth.

Journify leverages the power of artificial intelligence to provide valuable insights into user journeys. By analyzing data from multiple touchpoints, Journify generates actionable metrics and visualizations that reveal the impact of each step on conversions. This enables businesses to identify bottlenecks, optimize user experiences, and increase customer satisfaction. With Journify, businesses gain a holistic view of their product’s performance and unlock the potential for remarkable growth.


The inspiration behind Journify stems from the founder’s personal experience working with companies of various sizes, ranging from startups to industry giants like Gilead and Apple. During his work, founder Anton Parfeniuk observed a recurring pain point: businesses struggling to build a single view of their products and conversions at each step of the user journey. This motivated the team to embark on a mission to revolutionize the way great products are built. Journify aims to empower businesses to make data-driven decisions and streamline their path to success.

Journify looks up to companies at various stages, from early-stage startups to large enterprises. The startup believes that every company, regardless of size, can benefit from having a complete view of their product’s performance and leveraging data-driven insights. For startups, Journify envisions providing a platform where founders can build their dream product’s user journey and make informed decisions on its potential success. Meanwhile, for established enterprises, Journify aims to assist in continuously improving customer experiences through data-driven decision-making.


In four years’ time, Journify aims to establish itself as a leader in the user journey mapping and analytics space. The startup’s ultimate goal is to revolutionize the process of building and growing great products. By providing a platform that enables data-driven decision-making from the idea stage to enterprise-level performance optimization, Journify aims to save businesses time, money, and effort. Through Journify’s insights, businesses can make impactful decisions, channeling their efforts into areas that bring the most value and driving exceptional product growth.

Journify is set to transform the way businesses approach user journey mapping and analytics. By simplifying the process, offering AI-powered insights, and enabling data-driven decision-making, Journify empowers businesses to optimize conversions, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve remarkable growth. With Journify, building and growing great products has never been easier. As the startup progresses towards its vision of revolutionizing the industry, businesses can expect to unlock their full potential and stay ahead in today’s competitive market.