IndexGuru – Innovative SEO Indexing

Content creation has become a cornerstone of online presence. Yet, many content creators encounter a significant hurdle in their journey to online visibility: the challenge of getting their content indexed by search engines, notably Google. Enter IndexGuru, a promising startup founded in 2022 seeks to solve this problem and help content creators rise above the obscurity of unindexed content. In this article, we will delve into the story of IndexGuru, its innovative approach to indexing, and its vision for the future of SEO.

The Problem: Unindexed Content

For many site owners and content creators, having their meticulously crafted content remain unnoticed due to unindexed status by search engines is a frustrating ordeal. One of the primary issues that inspired the creation of IndexGuru is Google’s delayed or nonexistent indexing of webpages. You can publish a blog post, article, or web page online, but months later, it may still not appear in search results, or if it does, it might be buried deep in the rankings. This problem affects not only individual bloggers but also businesses and organizations seeking online visibility.

The Solution: IndexGuru

IndexGuru, founded by Michael Patrick, is a B2B software company that offers a powerful solution to the indexing problem. Their motto, “Index Pages Faster, Rank Sooner,” encapsulates their mission perfectly. Unlike the conventional indexing process followed by search engines like Google, IndexGuru takes a different approach. It circumvents the standard indexing process and allows web pages to be indexed immediately. This means that site owners and content creators using IndexGuru can have their content featured in search results much faster, potentially attracting more traffic and boosting their online presence.

The Journey of IndexGuru

IndexGuru has made significant strides since its launch in 2022. Initially, it aimed to address the pressing issue of delayed indexing. However, in recent months, the company has added two game-changing features: automatic indexing and an affiliate program. The addition of automatic indexing has been a long-standing feature request, and it’s a crucial enhancement that simplifies the indexing process further. The affiliate program, on the other hand, is designed to aid marketing efforts and spread the word about IndexGuru. It’s worth noting that anyone interested in supporting IndexGuru’s mission can use affiliate links when promoting the service.

An Inspiring Story

Michael Patrick, the founder of IndexGuru, is an indie maker at heart. He has a track record of launching new ideas regularly, but IndexGuru stands out as a tool that has been genuinely helpful for all his subsequent projects. IndexGuru has proven to be indispensable, unlike his other products, and he personally onboards with it for every new venture. This highlights the value and efficacy of IndexGuru in the world of content creation and online visibility.

A Role Model: BannerBear

IndexGuru looks up to BannerBear, a company founded by Jon Yongfook, for several reasons. BannerBear is known for its transparency in sharing the journey of its founder, Jon, which has inspired Michael Patrick and many others in the entrepreneurial world. Furthermore, Michael Patrick uses BannerBear’s product, making it a company that he admires and relies on.

The Future of IndexGuru

In the coming years, IndexGuru envisions supporting thousands of site owners, helping them overcome the challenges of content indexing. While their current focus is on indexing pages, they have ambitious plans to expand into other areas of SEO, developing new tools that can be equally transformative. Michael Patrick’s unique blend of coding and SEO expertise positions IndexGuru to comprehensively address the unsolved issues in the field.


IndexGuru’s innovative approach to content indexing has the potential to revolutionize the way site owners and content creators approach SEO. With their dedication to addressing the challenges of unindexed content and their commitment to continuous improvement, IndexGuru is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of digital marketing. As the startup continues to evolve and expand, it will undoubtedly play a vital role in helping content creators and businesses achieve the online visibility they deserve.