HitMeApp: Gen Z Social Media by Prioritizing Fun and Inclusivity

Social media has become a ubiquitous part of everyday life. However, for the average Gen Z user, achieving peer popularity and influence on existing platforms can feel impossible without compromising their integrity. HitMeApp, a unique mobile iOS app founded in 2018, aims to solve this problem by providing a safe and inclusive space where Gen Z users can attain clout and influence without resorting to showing skin or spending excessive amounts of money.

The app, which can be described as a fusion of Snapchat, TikTok, and Fortnite, combines addictive gaming features with the social media functionalities that users love. With HitMeApp, users can connect with friends, compete in challenges, and unlock fun features in a gamified environment. By prioritizing fun and competition, HitMeApp aims to provide an alternative social media avenue for young people to achieve clout and influence while maintaining clean, safe fun with their close friends.

Founder John Mwaura’s inspiration for HitMeApp came from witnessing the struggles of his young teenage niece and the teenage children of his close friends. They expressed feeling left out and uncool on existing social media platforms, unwilling to compromise their integrity by creating scantily clad videos for popularity. Determined to create a more inclusive space for the average Gen Z user, John set out to develop an app that combined social media functions like chat and media sharing with competitive elements, allowing users to gain attainable influence and popularity.

HitMeApp’s features and functionality are based on extensive in-person interviews with groups of college and high school Gen Z users. By engaging directly with the target audience, the team gained valuable insights into how Gen Z uses social media and what improvements they desired. The app was designed to be part game and part social media, embracing Gen Z’s competitiveness and desire for achievement. HitMeApp incentivizes user engagement and sharing by offering rewards for taking action and the opportunity to gain clout and brag to friends. Additionally, the app incorporates Gen Z slang and creates features that resonate with the dense social environments of high school and college campuses.

When it comes to companies that inspire HitMeApp, Snapchat stands out. Snapchat has demonstrated innovation by creating original features that resonate with its user base. The constant expansion of Snapchat’s feature list to cater to user preferences has served as an inspiration for HitMeApp, reinforcing the idea that providing users with desired features, even if they seem out of the ordinary, leads to success.

Looking ahead, HitMeApp envisions high growth and aims to reach a million users within the next four years. The startup’s goal is to be recognized as the safest social media app for young people, where everyone has a chance to be part of the cool crowd. HitMeApp plans to prioritize innovation by regularly introducing new features while maintaining the highest safety measures for its younger user base.

In conclusion, HitMeApp is revolutionizing the way Gen Z engages with social media. By prioritizing fun, inclusivity, and competition, the app offers a unique and safe space for young users to achieve clout and influence without compromising their integrity. With a commitment to providing features that resonate with its target audience, HitMeApp aims to become a leading platform for Gen Z, empowering them to enjoy clean, fun social interactions while fostering a sense of belonging and accomplishment.