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Quick Information

  • Name of Startup: GlobeTrott Travel
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Website:
  • Type of company: GlobeTrott Travel
  • HQ Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Startup Founders:

Simona Sutaviciute | CEO & Head of Growth
Vaida Greiciute | COO
Gediminas Ubartas | CTO
Mindaugas Greicius | CFO

Startup one-liner:

This is where locals share their insights so that travellers could discover hidden gems with ease.

Problem the startup solves:

Travel super app to create an Enhanced Traveller Experience.
We provide a combination of services:

  1. Detailed personalized itineraries using proprietary AI technology
  2. Content about objects being visited, where the content is created by locals
  3. Bookings platform distributing demand based on travellers’ interests

Progress and current status:

Dec 2019: Decision made, let’s bring personalization to tourism.
Mar 2020: Global lockdowns, mean we needed to take our foot off the throttle and wait for the world to reopen.
Nov 2021: awarded European Union Grant of EUR 860K to develop personalization engine specific to the tourism use case.
Feb 2021: First lines of code are being written!
June 2021: Minimum lovable product is available in the app store and travellers have access to self-guided tours in 7+ cities
Oct 2021 – Mar 2022: 1st governmental partnership – GlobeTrott Travel is the audio tour provider at EXPO Dubai 2020 Lithuania pavilion.
Nov 2021: WebSummit featured among the top 10 travel tech startups.
Mar 2022: Partnership with TopAtlantico confirmed as part of check-in accelerator organized by Portuguese Tourism.
May 2022: Mathematical model for personalization finalized!
Today: Personalization is available for BETA testing and travellers can access self-guided tours in 27 cities in 4 languages, including London, Paris, New York, Florence, Rome, Vilnius, Oxford, Bath, Berlin, Barcelona to mention a few.

What is a crazy story about the startup?:

The idea was born during Simona’s tip to Beijing: she got frustrated that a highly recommended tour guide was not providing insightful information about the places they were visiting. The same problem kept on repeating that summer during her trips to Lebanon, Barcelona, Bolivia, Peru and Prague.

The idea quickly started to turn into a business when she met with her childhood friend Vaida, who is a serial co-founder, to ask a simple question “how do I write a good brief for a development agency?”

And now we are building the future of tourism together with a highly experienced team!

What is a company the startup looks up to, and why?:

Airbnb (before the rebrand šŸ™ƒ )
Our missions are very aligned “Belong anywhere”.
At GlobeTrott Travel we are making exploring destinations easier by providing on-demand access to content created by locals.

The company in four years will be…

The go-to travel platform for independent travellers who are visiting cities in Europe and USA.

And in 7 years for travellers visiting places all around the world.

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Author : Tom Heien

Admin at KillerStartups. Loves to talk about artificial intelligence, automation, and the future of the internet.

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