Get To Revenue: Empowering with a Shared Growth Marketing Team

When it comes to startups, hiring a single marketing manager may not be enough to drive significant growth and success. Many early-stage startups find themselves in a predicament where they cannot afford a full marketing team, leaving them with limited alternatives. They can either work with marketing agencies that excel at execution but lack strategic expertise, or they can hire an in-house marketer who may not possess the breadth of skills and knowledge required. However, Get To Revenue offers a unique solution: a shared growth marketing team that provides the expertise of an entire team at a fraction of the cost.

Solving a Problem

Founded in 2022 by Jean Desvernay, Get To Revenue recognizes the challenges that startups face when it comes to ramping up sales on a limited budget. With a team that combines decades of startup marketing experience from companies like Airbnb and Google, Get To Revenue acts as a full-funnel marketing team embedded within startups, working closely with the CFO, CMO, and product manager. By collaborating with these key stakeholders, Get To Revenue ensures that the marketing efforts align with the overall business goals and objectives.

One of the core competencies of Get To Revenue lies in automation, time management, and agile marketing. This allows them to work efficiently with multiple startups without compromising on expertise. By offering their services on a monthly retainer fee, Get To Revenue provides a cost-effective alternative to hiring an in-house team or a traditional marketing agency. Startups can benefit from the expertise of an entire growth marketing team, including roles such as creative directors and media buyers, without the burden of idle time or wasted resources.

Get To Revenue’s shared growth marketing team operates remotely, allowing them to work seamlessly with startups regardless of their location. This remote-first culture aligns with companies like Zapier, which Get To Revenue looks up to as a source of inspiration. Zapier’s ability to foster a strong company culture despite having a large remote workforce is commendable. Get To Revenue aims to emulate this success by maintaining a cohesive team and company culture, even in a remote work environment.


Looking ahead, Get To Revenue envisions becoming the number one startup marketing solution utilized by D2C and B2B startups. In four years’ time, the company aims to lead the charge in the industry, with their growth marketing teams embedded in numerous startups. They plan to leverage the power of AI marketing automation and expand their services and SaaS offerings related to growth marketing. By empowering startups with their expertise and innovative solutions, Get To Revenue aims to be at the forefront of driving startup success.

With their cost-effective and expertise-driven approach, Get To Revenue is poised to revolutionize the way startups approach marketing and accelerate their path to revenue.