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FrigginYeah | B2B Price Monitoring



Quick Information

  • Startup Name: FrigginYeah
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Website:
  • HQ Location: Manhattan Beach, California

Startup Founders

Tom Williams – Founder

Startup one-liner:

An eCommerce product monitoring software built by Brands for Brands.

Problem Startup Solves:

Our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) monitoring software helps businesses solve several problems related to protecting their brand and pricing strategy. These include:

Price Erosion: Our MAP monitoring software helps businesses prevent price erosion, which can occur when resellers advertise products at prices lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). This helps businesses maintain a level of consistency in pricing across different channels and prevent confusion among customers.

Brand Integrity: Our MAP monitoring software helps businesses protect the integrity of their brand by ensuring that products are being advertised at fair and competitive prices. This can help businesses maintain brand perception and customer loyalty.

Unauthorized Sellers: Our MAP monitoring software helps businesses identify and track unauthorized sellers, which can help businesses prevent undercutting of prices and protect the integrity of their brand.

Compliance: Our MAP monitoring software helps businesses ensure compliance with their established MAP policies. This can help businesses take action quickly if a violation occurs, and prevent future violations.

Time-saving: Our MAP monitoring software saves businesses time by automating the process of searching for and checking prices. This can help businesses keep track of prices more efficiently and effectively.

Inventory and Price optimization: Our MAP monitoring software helps businesses keep track of their inventory levels and optimize their prices to increase sales and profitability.

Progress and Current Status:

Launched with over 50 brands on platform.

What is a Crazy Story about the Startup?

Without Google Adwords we would not be here. We are completely bootstrapped and turned on Adwords day one of our startup journey. We were very fortunate to sign two key brands in the first few weeks of our launch and that has allowed us to raise our self from our bootstraps.

What is a Company the Startup Looks Up To, and Why?

I look up to the startup “OpenAI” as a model of cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking. The company’s mission to develop and promote friendly Artificial Intelligence in a way that benefits humanity as a whole is admirable. Their work on developing GPT-3, one of the most advanced language models to date, has the potential to revolutionize the field of natural language processing and make advanced AI technology more accessible to a wider range of users. Furthermore, the company’s commitment to ensuring that their technology is used ethically and responsibly is inspiring. OpenAI is a startup that I believe is making a real impact in the field of AI and shaping the future of technology.

The Company in Four Years Will Be…

We are constantly evolving our product offering based on our existing customers and market demand. I see ourselves:

Increased Automation: We will continue to develop and improve our automated monitoring software, making it even more efficient and accurate at detecting MAP violations. This will include incorporating machine learning algorithms to improve the software’s ability to detect violations and reduce false positives.

Expansion to Other Marketplaces: We will expand our monitoring services to other online marketplaces and retailers internationally. This would allow businesses to protect their brand and pricing strategy on a wider range of platforms and geos.

Integration with Other Platforms: We may integrate our monitoring software with other platforms that businesses use, such as accounting software, inventory management systems, and customer relationship management systems. This would make it easier for businesses to manage their MAP policies and take action when violations occur.

Compliance with Regulations: With the increasing regulations on e-commerce sales such as GDPR, CCPA, etc. We may also develop and implement a compliance module to ensure that their clients are in compliance with these regulations.


Author : Tom Heien

Admin at KillerStartups. Loves to talk about artificial intelligence, automation, and the future of the internet.

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