Forwardme: Simplifying Package Forwarding


In an increasingly interconnected world, online shopping has become a global phenomenon. However, for individuals and businesses located outside the United States, accessing the vast array of products available can be challenging due to shipping limitations., a Totowa, New Jersey-based startup founded in 2021, aims to bridge this gap by offering a comprehensive and user-friendly package forwarding service. In this article, we explore the problem solves, its inspiring story, the company it looks up to, and its vision for the future.

Simplifying Package Forwarding and International Shipping

Forwardme addresses the complexities of international shipping by providing a seamless and efficient package forwarding solution. Customers can establish a virtual shipping address in the United States, regardless of their physical location, enabling them to receive packages from various online retailers and marketplaces. Once the packages arrive at Forwardme’s facility, the startup offers an array of services to enhance the customer experience.

One of the key features of is its consolidation service. By consolidating multiple packages into a single shipment, the startup helps customers save on shipping costs while minimizing the risk of lost or damaged packages during transit. Additionally, provides repackaging services to ensure the safety and integrity of the packages.

Transparency and convenience are at the forefront of’s platform. Customers can track their packages in real-time, estimate shipping costs upfront, and choose from a variety of shipping carriers based on their preferences. The startup also offers additional services such as package storage, inspection, and assistance with customs documentation, further simplifying the international shipping process.

Inspiring Customer-Centric Approach

Forwardme’s inspiring story revolves around its founder’s hands-on approach to building exceptional service and customer satisfaction. In the early days of the startup, the founder personally processed packages from their own home, actively engaging with customers to understand their needs and preferences. By reaching out to customers individually, they fostered trust and loyalty, building strong relationships with early adopters.

This commitment to a customer-centric approach paid off, as flourished and attracted a significant number of satisfied customers. By listening to feedback and maintaining a personal connection, the founder created a foundation of trust and credibility. This inspiring story showcases the startup’s dedication to providing a service that genuinely meets the needs of its customers.

Role Model: Airbnb’s Disruptive Vision

Forwardme looks up to Airbnb as a company that embodies values and a vision similar to its own. Airbnb’s success in the travel and accommodation industry resonates with Forwardme’s goal of disrupting the traditional package forwarding and international shipping market. Both companies aim to empower individuals and businesses by offering unique and user-friendly platforms. draws inspiration from Airbnb’s global community-building approach. Similar to Airbnb’s emphasis on trust, connections, and exceptional experiences, seeks to create a vibrant user community, connecting individuals and businesses worldwide through its package forwarding services. The company also aligns with Airbnb’s focus on design and user experience, striving to provide a seamless package forwarding journey.

Shaping the Future of International Shipping

In four years, Forwardme envisions becoming the unrivaled leader in the package forwarding and international shipping industry. With a rapidly expanding customer base and a solid reputation for exceptional service, the startup aims to establish a global presence and redefine the shipping landscape. plans to revolutionize the package forwarding experience through continuous innovation and advanced technologies. By leveraging AI-powered package tracking, enhanced consolidation options, and streamlined customs clearance processes, the startup aims to set new industry standards. With a relentless focus on user experience and convenience, aims to become the go-to choice for individuals and businesses to access products from around the world. Through its inspiring story, customer-centric approach, and admiration for industry role models like Airbnb, is poised to lead the way in shaping the future of international shipping, providing seamless, cost-effective, and reliable solutions to customers worldwide.