ESSENCE: Crafting a Revolution in Web3 Gaming

In a world where blockchain games often face misconceptions about their entertainment value, ESSENCE emerges as a beacon of innovation and creative gaming solutions. Founded in 2022 by a team of passionate individuals with a deep love for games, ESSENCE is redefining the landscape of gaming by blending Web3 and Web2 technologies to create an exceptional gaming experience that challenges traditional norms.

A prevailing misconception holds that blockchain games lack the excitement and engagement of traditional gaming experiences. ESSENCE confronts this notion head-on, aiming to bring fresh perspectives, unique gameplay, and groundbreaking approaches to Tokinomics and Game Ecosystems. The startup is not merely redefining game design; it’s revolutionizing the entire gaming ecosystem.

ESSENCE, established as a Public DAO, is more than just a startup; it’s a movement that strives to make gaming meaningful, sustainable, and accessible. With its headquarters in the digital realm and a visionary team with senior-level skills, ESSENCE is forging a path toward a brighter gaming future.

Founded by Tim Artem Stenko, Greg Radomsky, Maksym Deinychenko, Natali Kolyada, Artem Galenko, and Ivan Pylypenko, ESSENCE is backed by a team of professionals who bring a wealth of experience from diverse projects and companies like Ubisoft, HoloKit AR, G5 Entertainment, and more. Together, they share a passion for innovative gaming experiences that transcend the ordinary.

The startup’s driving force is its commitment to crafting engaging Web3 games that players will genuinely enjoy. This commitment is reflected in their pilot project, “ESSENCE.” This dynamic and unpredictable comedy science-fiction multi-universe & Web3 Play-to-Earn RPG Game with advanced Tokinomics has captured the attention of the gaming community.

Currently in its Active Pre-Seed Stage, ESSENCE has made significant strides, including the creation of a Primary prototype of the core game mechanics. The startup has successfully completed a Tokinomics Pre-Audit, as validated by With its sights set on preparing the product for initial sales, ESSENCE is poised to make a profound impact on the gaming landscape.

The story of ESSENCE is a testament to the profound influence games can have on individuals. For the founders and team members, games have been more than just entertainment; they have shaped identities and provided solace in times of need. The team’s collective love for games, from dice-rolling adventures to immersive virtual worlds, fuels their determination to create extraordinary and atypical games that resonate with players on a deeper level.

ESSENCE’s aspirations extend beyond conventional gaming. With their first project, “ESSENCE,” the startup aims to break through the clutter of commercial games with a unique concept that marries easy-to-learn mechanics with deep gameplay. The team has meticulously designed a combat system that offers both accessibility and depth, resulting in a game with over 8 trillion possible combinations of cards, skills, and items—all as NFTs.

ESSENCE’s journey is fueled by a commitment to decentralized collaboration and community empowerment. By embracing Web3 technologies, the startup intends to create a gaming ecosystem that thrives on transparency, community engagement, and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) principles. ESSENCE aims to be a beacon for active financial partners who share their vision, and they are dedicated to reshaping the gaming landscape one innovative title at a time.

As ESSENCE continues to pioneer the fusion of Web3 and Web2 gaming, their vision stretches far into the future. In four years, the startup envisions itself working on its fourth game, solidifying its reputation as a trailblazer in the industry. With a passionate team, an innovative spirit, and a commitment to meaningful gaming experiences, ESSENCE is set to redefine the very essence of gaming for generations to come.