Escrow Ads: Revolutionizing Online Trade with Secure Transactions

In the vast landscape of online transactions, trust and security remain significant concerns for both buyers and sellers. Escrow Ads, a fintech startup founded in 2022 by Ahmed Soueidan, is on a mission to address this problem head-on. By providing a game-changing platform that combines free classified ads with a built-in, secure USDT escrow service, Escrow Ads is transforming online trade, fostering confidence, and ensuring scam-free transactions for users. This article explores how Escrow Ads is revolutionizing the online marketplace and its vision for the future.

Escrow Ads tackles the pervasive issues of trust and scamming in online transactions. The platform offers a seamless and secure escrow service for free classified ads, eliminating the risks associated with peer-to-peer trading. With Escrow Ads, buyers can confidently make purchases knowing their funds will be held securely until the transaction is successfully completed. Sellers, on the other hand, can rest assured that they will receive payment only once the buyer confirms satisfaction. By integrating escrow services into their platform, Escrow Ads instills trust, safeguards both parties, and minimizes the risk of scams.


The birth of Escrow Ads can be traced back to the personal experience of its founder. Ahmed Soueidan encountered online scams while attempting to make purchases, highlighting the urgent need for a secure and trustworthy platform. Motivated to protect individuals and businesses from fraudulent activities, Soueidan embarked on a mission to create Escrow Ads. The startup’s journey, rooted in personal frustration, has evolved into a platform that prioritizes user safety and convenience. Escrow Ads continues to strive towards making online trading safer and more reliable for everyone.

Escrow Ads draws inspiration from the success of PayPal, a global leader in building trust and security in online transactions. PayPal’s user-friendly design and commitment to customer service are qualities that Escrow Ads aspires to replicate. However, Escrow Ads goes beyond the traditional payment service model by integrating a classified ads platform with a secure escrow system. By combining these features, Escrow Ads aims to offer a comprehensive solution that significantly reduces the risks associated with online trading.


In four years’ time, Escrow Ads envisions itself as a leading force in the global online marketplace. The platform aims to be renowned for its secure and trustworthy transactions, providing millions of users with a seamless trading experience. Escrow Ads’ vision extends beyond geographic boundaries, ensuring that users worldwide can engage in online trade without concerns of scams or fraud. The company’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement will drive the evolution of its platform, setting new standards for secure and reliable online transactions. With a focus on user safety and convenience, Escrow Ads aims to redefine how people buy and sell goods and services in the digital age.

Escrow Ads is revolutionizing online trade by offering a secure and seamless platform that combines free classified ads with a built-in escrow service. By addressing the issues of trust and scamming, the fintech startup is fostering confidence among users and enabling safe transactions. With its vision for the future, Escrow Ads aims to become a global leader, setting new standards for secure and reliable online trading. By prioritizing user safety and convenience, Escrow Ads is reshaping the digital marketplace and transforming the way transactions are conducted online.


Jack Psooy (founder)