EJable: Bridging the Gap in Japan’s Tech Industry

Japan’s tech industry has long faced challenges competing globally, particularly compared to its renowned manufacturing sector. The lack of diversity in terms of a global mindset and English capabilities has hindered the country’s software industry.

Japan’s Aging and Declining Population

Additionally, Japan is grappling with a significant tech talent shortage due to an aging and declining population. EJable, a pioneering startup, has emerged to address these issues by connecting Japanese tech companies with English-speaking foreign tech talent. With a vision to bridge the gap, EJable aims to enhance Japan’s competitiveness in the global tech landscape.

Bringing in Professionals Globally

EJable, derived from “English+Japan/Japanese+Able,” serves as a crucial link between modern tech companies in Japan and talented professionals from around the world.

By connecting these entities, EJable enables companies to leverage English-speaking foreign tech talent’s diverse skill sets and perspectives. Through this innovative approach, Japanese tech companies gain a competitive advantage, foster collaboration on a global scale, and overcome language barriers that have hindered their growth.

Himanshu Jain, CEO of EJable, and Naoko Takahashi, COO, are the driving forces behind the startup’s mission. Having transitioned from successful careers in the information technology sector, Jain and Takahashi founded ReachExt K.K. in Japan, a recruitment consulting company specializing in IT talent acquisition.

Armed with their expertise and unwavering confidence, they embarked on a journey to address the challenges Japan’s tech industry faced. Their dedication and passion propelled them to expand their team and attract renowned brands as clients.


EJable’s inspiring story began with an unexpected turn. Initially, Jain and Takahashi acquired the domain name EmploymentJapan.com as a means to drive traffic to their primary business through a small website. However, as they delved deeper into the project, the idea of competing with their own business emerged.

Recognizing the potential for a platform to facilitate cost-effective recruitment and increase talent reach, they pivoted from a mere blog to a full-fledged business concept. The result was the birth of EJable, with a new name that reflects its focus on combining English and Japanese capabilities.

EJable looks up to Indeed.com, a global leader in the recruitment industry.

The startup draws inspiration from Indeed.com’s success and the professionalism demonstrated by the company during their interactions. EJable acknowledges that aiming for a leadership position is crucial and admires the grace with which Indeed.com has achieved its global prominence.


In four years, EJable has set ambitious goals to expand its reach and impact. The startup aims to achieve six-figure monthly unique visitor traffic, establishing its strong online presence. While initially focusing on the Japanese market, EJable plans to broaden its horizons after two years by targeting North America, Europe, and selected countries in the APAC region.

By primarily catering to Japanese multinational companies and businesses engaged with Japan, EJable aims to serve as a trusted talent acquisition and collaboration resource.

EJable aims to revolutionize Japan’s tech industry by bridging the gap between Japanese companies and English-speaking foreign tech talent. With a focus on diversity, global collaboration, and leveraging English and Japanese capabilities, EJable empowers Japanese tech companies to compete internationally.

The founders’ inspiring journey, from humble beginnings to a thriving startup, exemplifies the perseverance and vision required to make a meaningful impact.

Featured Image Credit: EJable Corp Logo; Thank you!