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Quick Information

Name of Startup: Dooqod
Year Founded: 2022
Type of company: Cloud computing
HQ Location: Remote

Startup Founders:

Artak Vardanyan
Shushanik Tovmasyan

Startup one-liner:

1 click DevOps for hybrid teams

Problem the startup solves:

We enable teams to provision in-browser environments like VSCode, Jupyter Notebook, Remix IDE , CVAT and even Windows or Ubuntu with a click of a button. Those environments can be used as dev workstations or to organize hands-on trainings and interviews. the built in features like meetings and recordings makes your in-browser environment a perfect place to collaborate with people and provides you freedom to work from anywhere and from any device.

In post Covid-19 world where most teams adopt some form of remote work-style, Dooqod enables team to allow their team members to do their own DevOps with 1 click for most of day to day activities. Onboarding new hires , organizing hands-on training or want to do an interview – you don’t need to reach out to your DevOps team and wait for them anymore. Super fast, and all environments are accessible form browser.

Progress and current status:

We launched 2 months ago. And now working on delivering Dooqod Interviews, as we figure out that just doing Leetcode is not enough for most of tech companies.
Imagine you want to interview a K8s or databases like Cassandra or Aerospike.
With this kind of complex tech interviews you’ll probably also need a test assessment with prebuilt environment and doing this every time is time consuming. Dooqod can help to provision in-browser environments with a click of a button.

What is a crazy story about the startup?:

We are coding Dooqod with Dooqod. :) What that means is that our devs are working with in-browser VSCode right in Dooqod.

What is a company the startup looks up to, and why?:

Figma – as I think they brought “Adobe Photoshop” to browser and this was a game changer.

Not all software companies can bring their software to browser in next 10 years, But with the internet becoming faster, maybe we’ll not even need that kind of transformation but rather just enable people with 1 click provisioning and in-browser access with the software.

The company in four years will be…

I think we’ll become a layer on top of cloud providers like AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean etc …

Those are providing tons of features but mostly not everyone knows bolts and nuts of those cloud providers, thats why we have DevOps etc …

But having a layer on top of cloud providers which can help lots of teams and individuals to do simple things and make their life easy is what we are thinking about right now.

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