DeckViewer: Seamless Pitch Deck Sharing


In the fast-paced world of startups, effective communication with investors and customers is crucial for success. However, one pain point many founders face is the uncertainty of whether their pitch deck has been reviewed by its intended recipients. That’s where DeckViewer comes in. Founded in 2023 as a solution to this problem, DeckViewer offers a streamlined platform that allows startup founders to easily share and watermark their pitch decks. With the added benefit of analytics, founders can now determine the optimal time to engage with investors and customers while their interest is at its peak.

Addressing a Common Frustration

DeckViewer was born out of the personal experience of its co-founder, Sam Ismail. As a startup founder himself, Sam faced the frustration of sending his pitch deck to potential investors and never knowing if it had been reviewed. Additionally, whenever he needed to make updates to the deck, he had to resend the entire PDF, causing inconvenience for both parties involved. Dissatisfied with existing products in the market that either offered excessive features or charged exorbitant prices, Sam decided to create DeckViewer.

Aiming for Simplicity and Effectiveness

DeckViewer draws inspiration from the success story of Plenty of Fish, a dating platform that started as a solo development project and scaled to 30 million users in just eight years before being acquired. Sam admires the founder’s ability to identify an opportunity in a vast industry, build the product from scratch as a side project, ensure performance optimization, and eventually achieve a significant acquisition in the dating industry.

Looking ahead: Four Years into the Future

DeckViewer envisions a future where it continues to provide an affordable and constantly improving platform for startup founders, real estate professionals, and venture capital fund managers to share their pitch decks with investors and customers. The startup recognizes the value of comprehensive analytics, and in the coming years, it will focus on enhancing its features to provide founders with valuable insights on when to engage with their audience.

By keeping costs low and prioritizing continuous product improvement, DeckViewer aims to remain a trusted tool for pitch deck sharing and engagement optimization. Through its user-centric approach, the startup aims to support the growth and success of entrepreneurs and professionals in various industries.


DeckViewer stands at the forefront of innovation by addressing the pain points of startup founders when it comes to pitch deck sharing. By offering a user-friendly platform and valuable analytics, DeckViewer empowers founders to make informed decisions about engaging with their investors and customers. As the startup continues to evolve and improve, it aims to become an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs looking to make a lasting impact and secure the necessary support for their ventures. With DeckViewer, the future of pitch deck sharing is streamlined, efficient, and optimized for success.