CatchCorner by Sports Illustrated: Simplifying Sports Facility Rentals

Finding and booking sports facilities for your favorite activities should be a breeze in a world where convenience is king. However, this process has often been more challenging for many sports enthusiasts than scoring a game-winning goal. Enter CatchCorner, a groundbreaking mobile and web platform that’s changing the game in sports facility rentals. In this article, we’ll explore how CatchCorner tackles this problem head-on and what the future holds for this innovative startup.

The Problem: Booking Sports Facilities Made Easy

Growing up, the founders of CatchCorner—Jonathan Azouri, Maya Azouri, and Ryan Mintz—experienced firsthand the frustration of securing a spot at their local sports facilities. Whether it was finding an available ice rink, basketball court, tennis court, or any other sports venue, the process was often time-consuming and cumbersome. This frustration led them to create CatchCorner, a platform designed to simplify the booking process and make sports facilities more accessible to everyone.

The Birth of CatchCorner

Founded in 2019, CatchCorner quickly gained traction as a mobile and web app dedicated to solving this age-old problem. The platform’s one-liner, “Find and book sports facilities in just a few clicks,” encapsulates its mission perfectly. CatchCorner was born out of a genuine desire to streamline the process of booking sports facilities, making it easier for individuals and groups to find available venues and reserve their preferred time slots.

Progress and Current Status

Since its inception, CatchCorner has come a long way. Initially launched in Toronto, Canada, the platform has expanded its reach to over 10 cities, including major Canadian markets like Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and U.S. markets such as New York, New Jersey, and Chicago. The platform’s impressive growth is reflected in its achievement of processing over $20 million in bookings, with a monthly user base exceeding 150,000 active users.

Inspiring Innovation: CatchCorner’s Unique Approach

CatchCorner stands out as the first-of-its-kind platform for renting sports facility venues. The startup’s aggregate hub modernizes the booking experience, offering users a diverse portfolio of facilities to choose from. Whether you’re a hockey enthusiast, a basketball fanatic, or a tennis aficionado, CatchCorner has something for everyone. The company’s partnership with Sports Illustrated adds credibility and expertise to its mission. Together with Sports Illustrated, CatchCorner focuses on enhancing the user experience, product customization, and scalability.

A Beacon of Inspiration: Sports Illustrated

For CatchCorner, one company serves as a guiding light—Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated is the most trusted name in the world of sports, a brand that has earned the trust of sports enthusiasts for decades. The startup’s partnership with Sports Illustrated is an honor and a testament to their commitment to revolutionizing the recreational sports and fitness industry.

The Future: CatchCorner’s Vision for Expansion

CatchCorner’s vision is as bold as it is inspiring. Building on its successful expansion in U.S. markets in 2023, including New York, New Jersey, and Chicago, the company aims to stretch its reach across North America. Their goal is to ensure their app is available in every city, making it easier for sports enthusiasts everywhere to find and book their favorite facilities. The future holds exciting prospects for CatchCorner as they continue to break down barriers in the world of sports facility rentals.


CatchCorner by Sports Illustrated is redefining the way we book sports facilities, simplifying the process and making it more accessible to all. With its impressive growth, innovative approach, and commitment to user experience, CatchCorner is well on its way to becoming a household name in the world of recreational sports and fitness. As they set their sights on expanding across North America, there’s no doubt that CatchCorner will play a pivotal role in bringing the joy of sports to enthusiasts far and wide.