Caisy | Headless Content Management System


Quick Information

  • Name of Startup: Caisy
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Website:
  • Type of company: Headless Content Management System
  • HQ Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Startup Founders:

Startup one-liner:

Next-generation Headless Content Management System to make it easy.

Problem the startup solves:

Today, people access the internet using a variety of devices and consume content across multiple channels, anytime and anywhere. New platforms and devices are emerging all the time. To stay competitive, digital content must be flexible, scalable, and optimized for different presentation layers. And that’s where caisy comes in.

Caisy, our innovative Headless Content Management System (CMS), empowers developers, editors, and marketers to create future-proof content faster and more effectively than ever before. Users store, edit, and manage their content and assets in a single, central system, distributing them seamlessly across all devices and channels. Developers can craft unique frontend designs using their preferred languages and frameworks.

Caisy is perfect for static websites, mobile apps, e-commerce, and a multitude of other use cases. With its user-friendly interface, caisy offers many valuable features for developers, editors, and marketers alike. These include content scheduling, localization, versioning and duplicating, and a unique multi-tenancy feature for working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Our Headless CMS saves users time, money, and frustration, while enhancing creativity, quality, and teamwork.

Progress and Current Status:

After months of hard work and iteration, we have reached a point where we are very happy and confident about caisy. While we continue to work on new features, this is the perfect time to conduct a beta testing.
So right now, we’re looking for frontend developers to test our product. With the collected feedback, we will optimize the user experience even more.

Meanwhile, we are working on building a following on Twitter, LinkedIn, and a community on Discord.

What is an Inspiring Story about the Startup?:

When our founders Moritz and Valentino first met, they never imagined they would one day build their own SaaS product. They were just two passionate web development students who loved building websites. So, they started a small agency creating digital projects for clients.
During that time they were looking for a suitable Headless CMS to empower their work. The only problem: They couldn’t find one that 100 % satisfied their needs. Lack of flexibility, overly complicated interfaces, missing features and other issues kept coming up. Moritz and Valentino were frustrated. There had to be a better solution.
And then they came to a realization: They could not be the only ones struggling with the currently available Headless CMS options.

Despite still being in the middle of their studies, the friends took on the challenge of building their own Headless CMS: caisy. It was a demanding journey, but today, more than 2,500 projects from various clients are hosted on caisy. Moritz and Valentino are determined to achieve even more in the years to come.

What is a Company the Startup Looks Up to, and Why?:

When thinking about a company that inspires us, Apple comes to mind. Here’s why: Apple consistently disrupts the market and the tech industry. Their products offer the ultimate user experience that people seek, which is why the brand is globally recognized and purchased. The company is not only highly innovative, but everything they release works and turns into a success. Apple manages to keep their promise of quality. And this is what we’re aiming for with caisy, too.

The Company in Four Years Will Be…

We see immense potential in our product and have grand visions for caisy.
In four years, we imagine caisy as a top-tier headless CMS provider in the tech industry, with a strong presence across various sectors.
Thanks to seamless integration with popular web development frameworks, our blueprint functionality, and unique multi-client capabilities, caisy will attract users and clients worldwide. Additionally, we aim to cultivate an active community of users who inspire and support each other in creating outstanding digital products with caisy.