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BIO Cools | B2B, FoodTech, Manufacturer



Quick Information

Name of Startup: BIO Cools
Year Founded: 2019
Type of company: B2B, FoodTech, manufacturer
HQ Location: Poland

Startup Founders:

Małgorzata Osiecka-Ciuhak,

  • Founder, Entrepreneur, Principal Investigator involved in the development of the company since its’ establishment.
    Visionary and founder of a cryogenic production facility. She funded and oversaw construction of factory and warehouse including the acquisition of production line and securing permits from the relevant institutions for the construction, production and distribution of innovated cryogenic product (FMCG).
  • Inventor with 12 years experience in research and implementation of cryogenic ice cream products. Creator of innovative solutions in the field of industrial biotechnology. As a scientist, she participates in the entire product development process, from basic research to market introduction.
  • She built research team and led R&D and implementation work in projects on innovative cryogenic ice cream desserts. Decides on strategic market and investment decisions as well as the HR aspects.

Krzysztof Ciuhak, PhD.

  • Scientist, Entrepreneur, for many years has been scientifically and professionally engaged in cryogenics, the phenomena occurring during the entire process of formation of food products, in particular, the phenomena occurring during the liquid ice mixture drip, its freezing in liquid nitrogen bath and during storage.
  • The use of knowledge from the field of Fluid Mechanics allowed him to create new organic products.
  • He was an Adjunct Professor, and has taught Fluid Mechanics at technical Universities in Poland and abroad.
  • Author of 18 scientific publications and participant in many scientific conferences of international rank.

Both Researchers are;
1. Co-authors of innovative solutions, co-authors of pilot production lines and production processes.
2. In their work, they represent innovative approach, promote high-quality natural organic ingredients in food products.
3. Inventors and owners of PCT patent application no. PL2022/000015 for 154 countries worldwide.

Patent Scope Link

Startup one-liner:

Bio Cools is a manufacturer of cryogenic healthy, natural & fun ice creams dots, using proprietary patented technology able to positively impact society, economy, environment.

Problem the startup solves:

Human population growth of 30% and progress of urbanization by 60% by 2050, are forcing increased agricultural production, as well as the pursuit of profits, resulting in an ever-increasing volume of highly processed foods of low nutritional value, that don’t ensure supply of necessary ingredients in diet.
Food industry, to accelerate manufacturing processes and increase yields , introduced cost effective technologies for the production of trans fats, fructose-glucose syrup “purified” products deprived of nutrients.
The world’s problems have common cause: our food choices. What can be done to cure this global crisis?
Food manufacturers should transform global food system by developing attractive animal-free foods.
Meat & dairy account for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions (FAO).
We are committed to solve these problems by developing diverse vegan solutions based on alternative proteins, organic ingredients, micronutrients – healthy, sustainable, palatable & affordable functional food ice cream dots.
Our product is an attractive alternative to dairy ice cream.
It meets the growing demand for products designed for specific diets, with no allergenic compounds and containing ingredients with nutritional and micro-organic properties (probiotics) – functional foods, the fastest growing sector of the global food market with estimated growth rate of 20% per year.
Products existing in the prior art must be stored at -31F, which creates a barrier to the growth. We have revolutionized the way the product is stored. Our ice cream is available in modern distribution channels at -18C (0F), thousands of supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations, i.e., practically everywhere where there is a freezer.
We genuinely believe in being healthier through plant-based lifestyle that doesn’t impact environment as much as dairy.

Progress and current status:

1. MVP1 2020
100% natural Cools stored at -35°C launched:
MVP’s methodology validated the product’s market need, reviewing trends & basing on customer feedback, proved that it was viewed very positively by the market.
Product won *Children’s Brand of the Year Award 2020*.

2. MVP2 2021
Certified Bio Cools at -18C in supermarket chains, to test entire concept of distribution through logistic centers & typical cold chains at -18C.
Bio Cools was ranked in
*TOP 20 of the NielsenIQ Q1 2021 Impulse Sales*.

3. Reduction of the negative impact of production processes on the environment.
We have completely eliminated dry ice obtained from CO2, which is still used by other companies to transport cryogenic dots which require low temperatures of -31F and below.
By adjusting the product to the temperature typical in cold chains, which is 0F, we have drastically reduced electric power consumption, which translates significantly into taking care of The Planet.

4. Securing Intellectual Property of the above product through PCT Patent Application for 154 countries in the world
Next milestones to be achieved in 2023-2024:
1. Finding an Investor – after evaluation with the Investor, financing the Patent for the jointly selected most interesting countries from the business point of view – estimated required administrative amount USD 1,000,000.

2. using the above milestones and proof of concept together with the Investor to create and commercialize the final perfect product. The perfect product will belong to the functional food segment (according to FDA regulations) and its sensory properties will be verified using the latest global technologies based on artificial intelligence.
The composition of the ultimate product:
– vegan with olive oil, with alternative plant proteins, with alternative milk, with fiber, with superfoods, without colorants (colored with concentrates from fruits and vegetables), gluten-free, sugar-free, non-GMO, with viable probiotic bacteria cultures, reduced caloric value, Certified BIO.

The most important goal is to raise funding for the Project.

What is a crazy story about the startup?:

“I always say whoever can figure out how to make ice cream healthy will be a gazillionaire.” ~ Justin Deeley

We discovered this quote and we repeat it even though we don’t know the person who said these words.
We also believe there is immense truth in it.
Our product is tasty, fun and healthy at the same time. This is a unique situation.
Our mission is to give consumers health in a tasty, attractive form of ice cream balls.
If the concept is launched on the world market, we will not only help people, but also become, together with business partners gazillionaires.

What is a company the startup looks up to, and why?:

The founding story of Whole Foods Market is the inspiration for us.
In 1978, John Mackey and Renee Lawson borrowed $45,000 from family and friends to open a small vegetarian natural foods store called SaferWay in Austin, Texas. Today their mission is the same as it was at the very beginning:

“Our purpose is to nourish people and the planet”

We will nourish people and the planet, just like these two guys years ago decided to set their goal. We also build the startup with our savings, money from family and friends.

The company in four years will be…

Bio Cools will be global brand having few factories on each continent and will offer nutritious functional food ice dots to millions of consumers.

As a curiosity, I would like to mention that our proprietary patented production technology using a proprietary natural stabilizer makes it possible to drip an ice cream ball adapted to typical cols chains from any type of ice cream base: water, juices, coffee, milk.
Our range of flavors is endless. We will offer not only classic flavors but such as Cola Bio flavor, bubble gum BIO, cotton candy Bio and many others, in all the major retail chains, including Whole Foods of course.


Author : Tom Heien

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