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Quick Information

Startup Founders:

Winston Nguyen – CEO –

Startup one-liner:

Generate beautiful anime artworks from real life photographs.

Problem the startup solves:

Anime art is expensive to create, costing hundreds of dollars each artwork. With AnimeMyself, people can have their own personalized anime avatar for a fraction of the cost. This avatar can be used in games, social media, marketing promotions, website art, the metaverse and more.

Many other anime art generators produce poor quality results, or they produce a high quality artwork, but the image looks completely different to the original photo.

AnimeMyself is able to preserve the characteristics of the original photo (e.g. facial features) whilst allowing the AI enough creativity to produce an anime style artwork.

Progress and Current Status:

Beta version released. 100% functional.

Now working on adding more art styles to the app.

Our long term goal is to release a game that allows the player to bring themselves into the game as a character.

What is an Inspiring Story about the Startup?:

I started a website (VR Heaven) with nothing in 2020. No budget, no following, not many connections. At first the website was very generic, and to be frank, quite ugly.

I then started to replace featured images and homepage images with anime art, making it look beautiful.

Over time, the website grew and now gets over 50,000 visitors per month (sometimes hitting 100K during VR peak periods).

Using the funds generated from the website, I was able to invest in some businesses including this one. The others are still in progress, but I’m quite proud of the results we achieved from AnimeMyself so we released it in beta.

What is a Company the Startup Looks Up to, and Why?:

Being Australian, I look up to Canva which is one of Australia’s biggest startups. I used them many years ago and didn’t find the tool helpful, however, I came back years later and now I’m a Canva Pro member. I couldn’t live without the tool. They made so much improvements over time. Furthermore, their marketing strategy is similar to the one we are using.

The Company in Four Years Will Be…

We will be a large player in the games, metaverse and entertainment industry.

Our goal is to be producing personalized narratives and games where the player is an active participant in the game.

The ultimate goal is to create an online multiplayer experience where every player has their own unique avatar tailored to themselves.

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