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Quick Information

  • Name of Startup:
  • Year Founded: 2023
  • Website:
  • Type of company: AI Tool Directory
  • HQ Location: Miami, FL

Startup Founders:

Michael Kleinman, Founder

Startup one-liner:


Problem the startup solves:

The internet lacks centralized and easily accessible information about AI tools and solutions. solves the problem of discovering and accessing the many AI tools and solutions Available in the market.

Progress and Current Status:


What is an Inspiring Story about the Startup?: started as a small directory but grew rapidly due to its commitment to providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly platform for artificial intelligence tools. Its success story inspires many entrepreneurs to persevere and follow their passions to create innovative solutions that benefit others. This is what makes it special.

What is a Company the Startup Looks Up to, and Why?:

As an AI directory, looks up to companies such as OpenAI, Google AI, and Microsoft AI for their groundbreaking research and development in the field of artificial intelligence. These companies have set the standards for AI innovation, and their contributions have been instrumental in shaping the future of AI. admires their commitment to advancing AI technologies and making them accessible to businesses and individuals worldwide.


The Company in Four Years Will Be…

As an AI directory, is likely to continue expanding and evolving rapidly over the next four years. It will likely incorporate more advanced AI tools and technologies into its platform, making it even more comprehensive and user-friendly. may also expand its partnerships with other AI companies and experts, leading to more opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Additionally, it may expand into other related areas such as machine learning and data science, further solidifying its position as a leading AI directory.