3style nail clippers v2 | Design



Quick Information

Startup Founders:

Kristian Hartley – Designer
Heather Hartley – project manager

Startup one-liner:

Nail clippers with clip catch control technology.

Problem the startup solves:

Say hello to no more mess!!
No more clipping nails over the bin or toilet….YUK!!
No more clippings flying all over the place!!
Our 3style nail clips & catches the discarded nails without any mess.
Ergonomically designed to fit nicely in your hand to give greater control & comes with magnetic replaceable nail finishing pads to give a great finish.

Progress and Current Status:

After launching v1 in 2021 we are back with v2. We have made some great improvements to the clipper & are currently mid way through our second Kickstarter campaign.

What is an Inspiring Story about the Startup?:

Kristian, our designer, has always sketched & designed various gadgets, gizmos & products. From being a young boy he can remember family members sitting clipping their nails over the newspaper, in later life when he saw his neighbour would sit on his doorstep every week cutting his nails, as his wife wouldn’t let him do it in the house, he knew his idea would work in so many households all over the world. Product design is such a hard industry to be involved in & even harder trying to bring your designs to life. We have worked so hard on bringing this idea to life over the past 7/8 years, it was amazing to see it come to life in 2021, adjustments & improvements were still needed so after two more years of ideas, drawings, prototypes, samples & pure hard work we are now launching v2 & we couldn’t be any more proud of our little team.

What is a Company the Startup Looks Up to, and Why?:

We love seeing how other brands have come together & made a huge success. We have a brand in the UK called Harrys & everything from their products & marketing is amazing, they have grown so much & is a real inspiration for us. Seeing their products now, moving from internet sales to actually being on the shelves in department stores is just fantastic & a real credit to their whole team.

The Company in Four Years Will Be…

We would absolutely love our products to be in households all over the world. We have ideas to introduce children’s versions & bring a whole new range of colours & textures to our clippers. We would love to see stores wanting to stock our products as well as distributing ourselves. To see it worldwide would be amazing.