0 Tolerance Security, LLC | Cybersecurity Auditing and Testing

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Quick Information

Name of Startup: 0 Tolerance Security, LLC
Year Founded: 2023
Website: Otolerance.io
Type of company: Cybersecurity Auditing and Testing
HQ Location: 1433 N Water St, Ste 400, Milwaukee WI 53202

Startup Founders:

Josh Sanders, Founder,

Startup one-liner:

We help our clients with cybersecurity assessments, PCI audits, penetration testing, forensics, incident response, and managed security services

Problem the startup solves:

We provide senior information security consulting resources at affordable, listed rates – something that 99% of our competitors won’t do. We put the client’s needs at the forefront and are fanatically easy to do business with. We centralize many cybersecurity services under one roof and only focus on security. We aren’t a financial auditor or broader tech firm trying to do cybersecurity. We can also deliver services in English and Spanish, throughout the US, Latin America, and Western Europe.

Progress and Current Status:

We launched three weeks ago and are ready to take on business. We are bootstrapped with no debt. We’re hungry to take on our first clients and create business partnerships for referrals and resale opportunities. In a short time, we’ve built awesome internal tools, systems, and project methodologies that you’d typically find at much more established firms. Check out our website, and you’ll see our commitment to quality and our ability to go to market and meet client demands quickly.

What is an Inspiring Story about the Startup?:

I left behind a stable position at a national firm paying well into six figures. I was closing 66%+ of their new cybersecurity business annually. I saw clients needing to be serviced better and staff burnt out because of business issues that could be handled differently. The problems we solve here at 0Tolerance and how we do it will make us truly special.

What is a Company the Startup Looks Up to, and Why?:

It’s difficult to say who we look up to. We don’t strive to be the biggest kid on the block, and we don’t want to follow in someone else’s footsteps, we aim to be the best quality and to do what’s best for our clients and business partners. That’s our mission. Hopefully, we’re profitable and creating a culture that team members want to be part of along the way. I haven’t yet found a cybersecurity company that checks all these boxes. We’ll attract clients because of our human talent, and we’ll attract human talent because of our clients.

The Company in Four Years Will Be…

In five years, the company will most likely be somewhere between 20 to 40 employees, 10-20M annual revenue, dozens of reference clients, and solving complex cybersecurity problems. Our initial staff will be becoming tenured, happy, challenged, and taking on promotions because of our growth and the need to bring on more team members.