Favtape.com – Muxtape for Your Pandora and Last.fm

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Favtape.comFavtape is a way to listen to your favorite Pandora or Last.fm tracks in Muxtape style.

Just enter your Last.fm username or Pandora profile URL and you are given a mixtape of a few different options. Check out the songs you’ve loved, your top tracks, or the most recent tunes you’ve listened to. You can also share these listings with others by sending them the URL to the list. With each track, you can get the ringtone from Thumbplay, buy the CD or mp3 from Amazon, go to the tune on iTunes, check out the video on Youtube, find the lyrics at LyricWiki, easily search for all of the listings on Favtape for that particular artist, find tracks similar to the one you are listening to, get the link for that particular song to share with others, and send it to whomever through email. My favorite part of the site is the playlists of top songs by year. Here you can have a throwback to your youth with the tracks that once rocked your stereo back in the day. You can also check out the top 100 tunes on iTunes and discover music through other people’s favtape listings.

Favtape.com In Their Own Words

“Favtape.com – mashup of Pandora + Last.fm + SeeqPod + Slinkset, with design inspiration from Muxtape & the iPod interface”

Why Favtape.com It Might Be A Killer

The site is a fun mashup that’s easy to navigate and listen to the tracks you’ve enjoyed that can be annoying to sort through on their original sites. I’ve come back to the site multiple times to listen to the tracks by year, an easy way to have music for your night without having to constantly go hunting for the next song to play.

Some Questions About Favtape.com

How will they market their site so that they spread the word about what they offer? Will all profit be made from people purchasing tracks from the various sources available in redirection? Favtape.com

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