How to submit? – Find If You Are To Blame Or Not

FaultMeter.comWhat do you do when one of your best friends has treated you unkindly because of something that you did just because you wanted to be of help? You ask your other friends for their opinion, that’s what you do. And that’s what this new site will let you do – anonymously, and for free.

On Fault Meter, people can submit their own stories and let everybody vote on their guilt or innocence. That is, stories are posted under the relevant categories and then people can decide who are exactly to blame – the ones who posted them, or the ones that they are complaining about.

Categories include “Family”, “Relationships”, “School” and “Technology”. And the stories that are featured can also be arranged according to the number of votes and comments that they have received – you see, people can vote stories up and down, and promote the best content right to the homepage. Also, stories can be viewed based on how recently they have been added to the website In Their Own Words

“Plead your case and let the people decide if you are at fault…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are always looking for validation for their actions will find it worth their time.

Some Questions About

Which kind of story always gets the biggest number of votes? Why is that?

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