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FarmFoody.orgWe can define Farmfoody as a new networking site that connects farms and gardens together, with a view to enhance the agricultural system of not so long ago in which farmers and customers interacted straight with each other in the small towns they lived in.

The network is open to just any person who grows things to eat or transforms food into cuisine.

People can sign up (as either a “Farm” or a “Foody” – that is, as a local producer or as a customer) and interact with each other by way of maps highlighting the position of their farms as well as sharing recipes and related knowledge.

The aim of this new social networking resource, then, is creating a system in which sustainable agriculture is a viable alternative. The recession has hit every single one of us where it hurt, and a resource which can let people in the country not only survive but also thrive in a market that is otherwise dominated by corporations is definitely a good one.

Also, check the side project named Edibles Estates which helps people create gardens and microfarms within their suburban yards. In Their Own Words

“We believe social networking can bring independent farms and people together to restore balance in our agricultural system. In the past, farmers and their customers were centered around small towns where they interacted directly with each other in a transparent and sustainable way. We see social networking as a new way of interacting with independent farmers and supporting sustainable agriculture. We believe social networking can help the small farm survive and thrive in a big agriculture world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service can make a big difference to many a struggling farmer in the aftermath of the recession.

Some Questions About

Are countries other than the US supported? Will they be supported sometime soon?

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