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Familytic.comSo much takes place on Facebook that services like this one can but gain pre-eminence. Essentially, Familytic is an aggregator of all the data concerning any family that is posted on Facebook, and also on sites like Twitter and YouTube. Because a fact is a fact – while many families are adverse to posting photos and videos about themselves, many others do it all around the clock. And such a thing is quite understandable, really – families that have become distributed all across the world have no better chance to share photos and related media. Facebook is a ready made setting for doing such a thing, owing to how instantly connections are established.

Well, Familytic is a social service that aggregates all such data and has it placed in something akin to a mini-social network within the larger scheme of the Social Web. Familytic lets you create a setting where your different social streams converge, and you are enabled to have your data from Twitter, YouTube and Flickr pulled and aggregated in the same spot. As a result, online interactions can but become faster and (ultimately) more enjoyable and fulfilling for the whole family. In Their Own Words

Familytic is a social family data aggregator that helps you to gather all your family’s photos, videos, status updates and more from social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and streams them to your own family social network.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are no other aggregators that play a similar role, and the service is all the more remarkable if only because how massively some families use Facebook to stay in touch.

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