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FadeAwayApp.comOnce you send out a message that has sensitive information, you can only hope that it never falls into the hands of people who could use it against you. Which is something that can happen for a number of reasons, such as the phone of your recipient being stolen and the information it had becoming compromised, Sure, you can ask the recipient to delete the message as soon as he as read it. But he might forget to do it, and the message might end up sitting there for perpetuity.

Meet FadeAway, a mobile application that lets you set down the lifespan of what you are sending using your smartphone. Using this app, you can set down that anything you are sending to a contact be automatically deleted once a certain period of time has elapsed. This can be anything from 5 minutes to 5 weeks. That is entirely up to you, and that is what makes the application truly interesting – how it will let you have sensitive files erased precisely when you see fit. And the same applies to anything you have received – you can specify when it should be deleted, so that pictures and videos that are sensitive in themselves do not remain on your phone for longer than needed. In Their Own Words

The FadeAway application is already available both for iOS and Android.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the perfect application for ensuring that content which is essentially sensitive will not remain on your phone for longer than it should.

Some Questions About

Will other mobiles ever be supported?

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