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Get In The Know (And Be The Cool Kid In Town) With Facearound Local Business Reviews And Deals

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When I lived in New York City, I often found myself in the totally flabbergasting position of having nothing to do. There was really no legitimate excuse for this, if I’m being honest with myself. It was New York City. There’s always something to do.


The truth is, I’m not the friend who always knows what’s going on and where the happenings are most happening. I don’t know if it’s laziness or if I’m just not that cool, but I’ve never been the first to know. Instead, I’m that annoying friend that calls you every Friday and is like, “Hey. What’s going on tonight? Can I come?”





But not anymore!

With that in mind, I’m pumped about this new app, Facearound, which shows you what your friends think of clubs, bars, restaurants, and stores in your area. Forget semi-anonymous Yelp posts and questionable Google reviews. This app lets you know the opinions of people you actually know and care about.


Instant cool-kid status

Here’s how it works. After you download the app, all you have to do is log in using your Facebook profile. The app detects where you are and starts working right away to let you know what’s available around you, including local business reviews and deals. You can be as specific as your exact location or as general as the city you’re in and Facearound will guide you to the best bars, restaurants, and stores in your area.




You know those little markers on Google Maps that tell you where things are? Facearound has a similar image, but in three different colors. Green markers are places that have general reviews (i.e. from people you don’t know); a blue marker means one of your Facebook friends has reviewed the place; and an orange marker means that place has a badass deal going.


The best deals in town

Beyond just letting me know where all the cool kids are hanging out, this deal element is what sells Facearound for me. I’m the kind of girl that’s more excited about a dress I got for a dollar at the bottom of the bargain bin than a designer piece worth hundreds – and I’m a writer, so I’m usually broke – so this aspect definitely brightens my day. Also, the deals are often exclusive to Facearound users, in case you needed more encouragement to get downloading


If you’re more of a written word kind of person than a map person, you can check out the sidebar, which lists all of the places around you, whether one of your friends has reviewed it, where the best deals are, and who has the best rating.





The whole town at your fingertips

No more wandering around indecisively, wondering if that restaurant over there is any good or trying to recall what your friend said about happy hour at that bar. Facearound gives you an immediately accessible guide to your city along with local business reviews and deals. You can use it on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device so it doesn’t matter if you’re Team iOs or Team Android.


Time to get downloading because, guess what guys? This weekend, for once, I’m the girl in the know.



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