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Ezgo.comFounded in the year 1954, E-Z-GO is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of golf cars and utility vehicles. The available categories can be browsed through by virtue of the provided navigation menu.

Said categories include “Personal”, “Golf”, “Commercial” and “Industrial” vehicles. The “Golf” category is the one that features the broadest range of products, as vehicles that cater for turf maintenance and food and beverage can be found alongside hospitality contraptions, together with a fleet of standard golf cars. The site includes a store locator that makes for a more straightforward shopping experience. Likewise, it is possible to customize the available vehicles by means of following the “Innovative Designs” link, and contacting the local E-Z-GO dealer. Pre-owned vehicles can be customized as well, for any purpose whatsoever. In addition to that, parts and accessories can also be found online. These include wheels, wheel covers, specialty cleaners and repair kits.

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