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eVapt – Instant SaaS Metering

eVapt provides the only on-demand metering solution that meets the needs of SaaS and Web 2.0 application providers seeking to accelerate their revenues and reach optimal operational efficiency.

eVapt’s solution integrates painlessly with SaaS offerings, thus enabling SaaS providers to focus on their core competency.

The eVapt On demand Monetization Platform (eOMP)is delivered as SaaS. The platform provides the underlying security, scalability, data storage and visual rendering capabilities. The e0MP aggregates customer, business service and service usage data for business processes. The Business Service Catalog, SaaSView, Contract Management and Billing Mediation are the business modules which run on the eOMP to provide the necessary functionality.

Why eVapt It Might Be A Killer

eVapt’s offering allows Web 2.0 vendors analyze and visualize adoption and change price the offering flexibly using various approaches – subscription, transaction or hybrid.

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