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Euraeka.comEuraeka is an artificial intelligence engine for search discovery and personalized recommendation of news that ranks news in the same Google and Yahoo do. This site has a few features like a powerful natural language processing engine that can not only rank news just like a human would but it is also capable of detecting political bias in news (liberal/conservative).

In this way it avoids all deception in news. Yes, Euraeka has the capabilities of a linguistic polygraph that can sniff out and expose propaganda, manipulation and deceptive intent in news media.

This online solution is based on machine learning (AI) techniques and has the capability to track and learn the unique news consumption preferences of every single one of its users. You can turn Euraeka into your digital twin, which sifts through a wide assortment of news articles daily, and brings you only the news that are likely to be interesting to you.

In short, Euraeka finds and brings you all the news that is fit to read. In case you are interested in getting only unbiased information through a solution that was created to measure deceptiveness in online content, just visit the site at and you will not regret it. In Their Own Words

“Euraeka is the first site that combines artificial intelligence, wisdom of the crowds, and a virtual news editor to find and bring you all the news that’s fit to read…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Currently, there is no other service out there with the features Euraeka provides. In fact, there has never been a wide-scale attempt to measure deceptiveness in online content, including news.

Some Questions About

Is it really possible for this solution to determine what information is absolutely unbiased? What is the scale used to differentiate partiality from impartiality?

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