Esellio Makes Online Retail As Easy As Sharing A Link

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The Internet would have us believe that it’s incredibly easy to sell products online, which it is… and it isn’t.


If you’re skilled at design, coding, marketing, sales, and social media, then you have all you need to rule the universe. If you’re on shaky ground on any or all of these areas, then you’re probably more overwhelmed by the options than you are excited by the earning possibilities.


What marketplace should you join? Do you need your own storefront, payment processing provider? Do you have time to run your own social media marketing campaign or do you need to hire someone to help? And on and on and on.




Online retail becomes complicated (if not expensive) in a hurry. Until someone makes it easy.


Someone like Esellio. Esellio makes selling products on social media a cinch. Similar to how Bitly creates a link that makes it easy to find any piece of content online, Esellio creates a unique link for products. The beauty of these links is that a simple click lets customers directly order and pay for products.


This means that if you have a website or any social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter, it is indeed incredible easy to share a link and sell products.


esellio landing


Since you’ve got a link that’s ready to travel, you’re well on your way to marketing effectively. Esellio’s links cut down on the number of clicks it takes for people to buy your goods.


No need to visit another website or go to another storefront. Instead, customers click on your items and enter your custom checkout – better for building your brand, right? (The likes of Amazon and Etsy aren’t hurting for exposure).


Esellio allows you to accept PayPal and credit card payments, so you’ve got the “How am I going to collect my money?” question answered painlessly.


Catching the drift yet? With Esellio you can sell products through social media and websites without building any infrastructure yourself.


Automated order tracking and inventory management – Esellio has you covered. Ditto for sales analytics and marketing tools. All in one place, accomplished via simple yet powerful links.


Esellio helps vendors connect directly with their customers, cutting out the middlemen that dilute brand messaging and typically eat into revenues. If you have the wherewithal to share a link, then you can turn so much more of the Internet into a point of sale than you would using a common selling platform. What’s more, Esellio lets you control your store from wherever you are through Android and iOS mobile apps.


So, from marketing products to shopping cart, managing orders, and shipping, Esellio lets you do it all under the compact roof of a link.


Learn more about how Esellio can simplify selling on social media at For a limited time, the startup is offering a free 6-month membership, so request early access without delay.


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