env0 brings collaborative remote-run workflows management for cloud deployments

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Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) frameworks are often too focused on the purely technical elements of deploying infrastructure and miss the connection back to the business. Existing IaC management tools all focus on just helping the SRE/DevOps team but not actually changing the way that deployments work. Luckily, env0 goes beyond the technical to bring automation, visibility, predictability and better governance to your organization’s cloud usage.

env0 (pronounced “env zero”) is an automation platform for cloud environments based on infrastructure-as-code templates. env0 combines an easy-to-use interface with powerful governance tools and cost control so that you, or any member of your team, can quickly and easily deploy and manage environments in the cloud. In addition, env0 provides insights into how cloud resources are consumed in your organization and by whom.

env0 automates and simplifies the governance of cloud deployments for Terraform, Terragrunt and IaC frameworks, offering a collaborative remote-run workflow management. env0 enables users and teams to jointly share configuration templates using remote state file storage to prevent drifts and accelerate code deployment. Avoid points of failure with env0’s out-of-the-box control and governance tools.

Why env0?

It saves effort

While it is certainly possible to build flows yourself, implementing env0 is fast and easy, and can provide rich flows that you won’t have to develop or maintain.

It’s easy to use

The user flow is simple, quick to learn and does not require a deep understanding of the underlying technology. 

It reduces cloud spend

A big portion of organizational cloud costs are unoptimized. env0 helps you save in 3 ways:

  • It tracks cloud spend by user and purpose, not just resource consumption. 
  • It allows you to limit the environment lifetime, having it automatically stopped when the time limit is reached.
  • It allows you to limit cloud spend by user, team and project.

It gives you control

By setting policies, you can get all the control you want, without compromising the flexibility you give your users.


Environment-as-a-service: With env0, developers can spin up or destroy an environment with one click, and easily track environment status or deployment history.

Time-Limit Environment: Optimize cloud usage by setting a time limit for every environment, after which it will be destroyed automatically.

Project-Level Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Manage environments under different organizations and projects. Maintain granular access control to environments by assigning users a per-project role.

Policies: Govern your organization’s cloud usage by defining organization/project policies that control how users can consume their environments.

Planner/Approver Flow: Enforce an approval flow for changes to selected environments. Separate the creation of a change plan from the execution of the change, and give different roles for plan creation and plan execution.

GitOps: With env0, you can initiate a full deployment to your environment on code changes, or have your pull request enriched with information and insights on your upcoming infrastructure changes.

Ready to extend the power of Infrastructure as Code to everyone on your team? Visit https://www.env0.com/ to learn more and get started.


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