How to submit? – Recommending Your Friends On The Social Web is a site that will let us leverage our circle of friend on the Social Web in more ways than one.

Generally speaking, it is a service that we can use to recommend a friend of ours for any job that has become available and that we can’t do ourselves not because we aren’t qualified but because we are already overloaded with work and assignments. By using, then, we would be able to recommend any friend of ours for the position.

Using is quite simple – you simply have to authenticate your e-mail and your Twitter account – Twitter is the one service that uses in order to build connections. Luckily, support for Facebook is also underway.

Once you have a certified account, you can proceed to add endorsements by adding a Twitter handle and specifying the area that person specializes in. Once you have your own account you are likewise able to set down your availability so that possible employers can avoid the awkward situation of approaching you when you are already working on something else. Thus, you can set down your availability from any of these three options: “available”, “limited availability and “unavailable” and ensure you will be contacted at the right time only. In Their Own Words

“Have an overflow of job requests and looking to pass on the work to your network? Or are you looking to find a reputable contact who is an expert at a specific skill? Connecting with Endorse allows you to do all that and more…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a platform, it leverages the never-ending power of the Social Web to connect people who need a job done and those who could do it.

Some Questions About

Is there a way for you to give prioritized recommendations? Will that be eventually implemented?

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