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En.Rutamina.comThis will be a good site to visit for those of you who love hiking, bicycling and tourism taken as a whole. Essentially, Rutamina enables its users to share their favorite routes all over the world.

That is, people located just anywhere can let others know about these routes that they have found during their travels, and that are definitely recommendable.

The actual process of adding a route to the database couldn’t be easier, since routes are fully editable. Users are provided with the ability of setting down specific points of interest, and since both photographs and elaborate descriptions are supported everything is as representative as it can be. And in true social fashion, created routes can be voted either positively or negatively. And the fact that two kinds of users are actually supported (“active” and “passive”) simply makes everything far more discernible.

Personally, I think that such a service will not only be usable by people who like to travel, but also by locals that want to promote the places that they live in. If you agree with that and feel like putting your city in the map, simply head to the site – accounts are created for free. In Their Own Words

“Share your routes with the world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who love traveling will find it useful, if only because the whole world is accounted for.

Some Questions About

Are printer-friendly maps of the featured routes provided?

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