How to submit? – Find New HangOuts, Friends

en.Nomao.comNomao is a new social network which is based on places, your favorite places, to be more exact. The site is reminiscent of a myriad of other geomapping, locale based sites in that users create pages pinpointing their favorite spots, places to dine, hangouts, coffee shops and the like.

You can share your most beloved haunts with all your pals and strangers simply by adding a little bee to a map. The site has even got a handy and customizable widget so you share your dives on your blog (and on Nomao of course). The site features its best members, best spots to ‘bee’, and nearby spots on the homepage. Top members who have submitted more places and reviews can earn points, which I assume boosts their on-site clout. Nomao’s pretty simple, but useful. In Their Own Words

“Create a page of your favorite spots in few seconds

Share your good deals, restaurants, fun and crazy places with your friends

Discover new places where to go and which count for others”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a very clean and elementary site. It’s unadorned but user-friendly. Great for finding out about new places.

Some Questions About

This site has been done so many times over, who will even care? What’s the business model?

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