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Students, parents and teachers involved with the Atlanta Public Schools can find a huge amount of information they will use every day on, the school district website. is the instructional portal of Atlanta schools, a single point of contact that helps distribute focused learning content to children of all ages.


Students at every level can use apskids to go directly to their online homepage – there is a page for every school in the system. Once there, they can upload and download homework, check schedules and exchange email with their teachers. Teachers and administrators have their own special sections on Teachers can refer to Georgia performance standards, access technology training materials, and watch videos on best practices in the classroom. Administrators may check out a large number of resources of interest, in particular rubrics on the quality school and performance assessment and textbook information.

Parents have an important role in every child’s educational process, and can find much of interest on There are brochures detailing the performance expectations and standards for each grade, a schedule of student assessments and testing, and ways for parents to get involved. The future is addressed through sections on high school and college planning, and a number of links leading to specialized resources on kid’s health, dealing with divorce and many other helpful topics.

Apskids is focused on creating paths for success for every child. To that end, the site gives access to a multitude of online resources designed to be used alone, and in collaboration with others.

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Author : Mery Fisher

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