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If you are looking for a daycare in China then you should look on the website and find out all you can about the nursery and daycare centers in your region. There are so many options for you in this country and when you are a parent you want to find the best fit for your child. Both financially, educationally, and emotionally you have to find the best one. When there are so many to choose from it is great that there are sites like you will soon be on your way to finding a great nursery. If you have a baby or a toddler or a older child you will be sure to find some place that will be enriching. If you don’t read Chinese you can use the great Google Translate tool and have it switched to any language that you would like.


If you are on make sure that you take the time to check out the Kindergarten section as well. If you child is that age you need to find out about what you need to do to prepare your child. If your kid is not in Kindergarten he or she will be in a matter of time and the site is great for learning all kinds of information. When you are on the website you can simply click on the map of China in the region that you are in so that you will just have to sift through the listings of the ones that will actually work for you. It is a great site that really helps to narrow down your options. You can also find out information on the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and see what their rules are for the schooling and day cares for kids. You have a lot of options for education and nurseries in China.

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Author : Paul Barker

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