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Helping potential students to connect with Angelo State University, provides a brightly packaged format with ease of access. The site has information and contacts about a broad range of interests regarding the school. ASU is a smaller university of about 8,000 students located in San Angelo, Texas, a city of 100,00 in western Texas. The school is part of the Texas Tech University system, but is a full range university in its own right.


Potential and returning students can easily learn about the school’s academic programs for both undergraduate and post-graduate studies. Also, in depth information is available on admissions and athletics. Tuition and other fees are covered on, including some items that could surprise someone new to academia, like post office rental and research fees. The site also has a calculator, so individual needs and desires can be factored into planning for school. provides a wealth of information about acquiring all forms of financial aid. Student employment is prominently featured in addition to grants, loans, and scholarships, with application forms available. About 75 percent of students at Angelo State receive some type of financial aid. Information regarding residence halls and meal plans is on, along with the online application ability.

The site gives users online capability to apply for admission and scholarships. There is a direct link to the online version of the university’s magazine, which includes features on students and faculty members, campus activities, and updates on school achievements. Angelo State is aware of the demographics of its location and reaches out for Hispanic students and the military. The online magazine has special features of interest to Hispanics. provides more information and access than any volume of catalogs available.

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Author : Jason Taylor

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