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Want To Build A Beautiful And Professional Website In 15 Minutes? Edicy Will Make It Happen


Edicy might just be one of the easiest web creation tools on the internet. We’re talking a full-blown, professional website up and running in 15 minutes. No website programmer or designer necessary. Intrigued? Yeah, I thought so.


Easy Peasy Edicy

Edicy is a tool for anyone who needs a beautiful website for their business, service or self and doesn’t want to spend much time and money on it. Do you need your website in several different languages? No problem. Just choose what languages and Edicy will translate the page. Need it to be desktop and mobile ready? Yep, Edicy has got you covered. Check out exactly how easy it is to use Edicy below.





The platform is a serious do-it-yourself web creation dream, with awesome tools that help you:



Edicy For Designers and Developers

For the pros, Edicy has the powerful tools to create and host unique and customized websites. As long as you have basic knowledge of HTML, javascript, CSS and Edicy’s templating language, the site will give you the online tools to code your own designs and build product catalogs. The system is always up-to-date and there are actual people on the Edicy team to support your customers with any questions they (or you) have. Build easy, unique websites with up-to-date systems and stellar customer service. Boom. Edicy, you rock.





Behind the Scenes

Besides Edicy’s very helpful, very awesome blog that gives you a peek at life behind the “simplest web creation tool,” I caught up with co-founder and CEO Tõnu Runnel to find out what the office vibe is like, how entrepreneurship has enriched his life and what exactly inspired Edicy.



Tõnu Runnel | Co-founder and CEO, Edicy



Tell us a little about what inspired Edicy.

Our background is in website design and development since nineties. At one point we tried to reduce the amount of repetitive tasks in our work. So we moved from installing a server for each customer to bringing all customers onto a single unified platform.




Priit Haamer | Co-founder and lead developer, Edicy



Suddenly we realized that it opens a whole new world to us. Instead of limiting ourselves to high profile agency customers, the same tool could be used by anyone to build their websites. We only had to add design templates and reduce the price hundredfold.


Best/most challenging part of being an entrepreneur?

Product ownership. We are creating something for ourselves in accordance with our beliefs and understandings. Yet it has to follow the generalized needs of all our tens of thousands of customers.





If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be, what would you eat, and what would you talk about?

A couple of beers with David Heinemeier Hansson, talking about democratization of doing business and another couple with Elon Musk about Martian supercharger network. No food needed at these lunches.


How has being an entrepreneur enriched other parts of your life?

I know no other ‘mode.’ I’ve always been an entrepreneur since high school. And I yearn no other profession. I guess being an entrepreneur makes it easier to act, to pursue what you love. You won’t be passive, you won’t wait for others to drag you along.


How do you keep yourself and your team motivated? What’s your office vibe like?

Everyone can take responsibility and lead in areas they are most passionate about here in Edicy. And our product is used and loved by a fast growing number of users every day. It’s how motivation is minted.





Best business advice you ever received?

“Hold on boy, overnight success requires five years of hard work.”


Where can our readers reach out to you?

Just talk to us in Twitter – @runnel and @edicy. We are always excited to get feedback and exchange ideas!


If you need to easily create and launch your website with little hassle,  you cannot afford to miss out on Edicy. Take the tour, check out the featured sites, read the testimonials and try it free for 30 days. Oh yeah, and thank me later. It’s so easy I’m actually looking at building my own website just for the hell of it. You know, to post all my personal life musings and photos of random inanimate objects. I think it would be a hit! With my mom.


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Courtesy of Tõnu Runnel | Edicy

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