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Different from timeshares, vacation rentals are privately-owned homes, condos, cabins and villas that are available for rent. Some people prefer to stay in vacation homes because they are cheaper, nicer or more comfortable than staying at a hotel. People who own rental homes can also list their homes on so they get rented out. Search through tens of thousands of vacation rental properties worldwide. You can search by location, attraction or use our interactive map to drill down to your favorite region. Enter the dates you want to stay, your price range and the number of people in your party. Then, select from a list of amenities (ex: beach front, hot tub, cabin, ski-in/ski-out, etc.) to find properties that interests you most. In Their Own Words

“The perfect vacation begins by booking a vacation rental home at Zonder. Search thousands of vacation properties at the world’s most enjoyable vacation destinations, and save hundreds of dollars over hotels. Simply enter your destination into our vacation rental Search box, or select one of our Top Destinations, to instantly find the perfect vacation rental home. Book the vacation rental of your dreams – online in real time!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are lots of vacation rental companies but very few that do business worldwide. They have thousands of vacation homes and continue to grow.

Some Questions About

How many destinations are there available for renting a property?


Author : Charly Zaks

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