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Solar Shield is one of the largest manufacturers of sunglasses in the US. The company was started more than 25 years ago, and its sunglasses were quickly singled out for praise by doctors all over the country. Today, Solar Shield’s sunglasses are recommended by vision professionals not only in America but also in the rest of the world. And if you want to buy a pair but nobody seems to sell them where you live, then this site is what you need. lets you buy Solar Shield sunglasses online. And it also lets you know more about the company’s history, and find out exactly why its products are held in such respect.


The site explains how UV light works, and how polarization is used to keep it from affecting the human eye. All in all, the company guarantees over 48% more protection than any other manufacturer of sunglasses currently in business.

Shopping for what you want on is easy. Solar Shield sunglasses come in lots of different sizes and styles, and the site lets you pick the one you want by using a series of dropdown menus. Once you’ve found what you want, then you can place your order, and pay for what you’ve bought using your credit card, or your PayPal account. Your sunglasses will be shipped the next business day.

UPDATE: is no more, but you can still buy Solar Shield products on lots of other sites, including


Author : Caroline Bright

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