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SendTheTrend.comSend The Trend is a site where women can buy accessories in a novel and cost-effective way. In general terms, they have to answer a couple of questions such as which are they favorite brands and which celebrities they admire in order to be provided with a selection of accessories to pick from.


The most appealing thing might as well be that everything costs $ 30. Everything. If you see something you instantly fall in love with, you won’t be disillusioned later on when you get to see the price tag. You will always know how much you are going to be charged.

Women will also love the fact that the site offers accessories that are exclusive. Christian Siriano (the site’s designer) works with big-name brands and comes up with accessories that can’t be found anywhere else.

Finally, it is interesting to point out that you are getting a $ 5 credit for every person that you invite to the site that makes an actual purchase. And if you invite 10 people, then you are getting your hands on a free accessory. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to Send the Trend, where every accessory is just $29.95, including free shipping!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site offers items that are exclusive, and you always know how much you are going to be charged for them.

Some Questions About

What about people who are outside of the US? Will they be able to shop through the site, too?


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