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RatedTradesmen.comSeven out of ten people in the UK say they have been unhappy with the work performed by tradesmen on their homes. This site aims to change that statistic by offering an online service that matches UK tradesmen with customer-submitted jobs.


Whether a homeowner in the UK needs a plumber, builder, gardner or carpenter, Rated Tradesmen will help them find a reliable tradesman. They submit a job, get quotes, hire one and then rate them. Simple. They rightly brag about having a 94% average customer rating. They also offer advice for homeowners, post recent ratings and experiences of customers, and rate suppliers as well. If this site doesn”t exist in every city in the US, it should. In Their Own Words

We”re making home improvement better for everyone. There are thousands of honest, reliable tradesmen in the UK. But others aren”t so good. How do you find one of the best?

Why It Might Be A Killer

Home improvement is one of the most lucrative markets in the world today, and every homeowner knows the fear of having to blindly call a tradesman for whatever service. This site answers every homeowner”s prayer.

Some Questions About

Have they considered partnering with people in different countries and expanding their business model?


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