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Quirky.comThere’s more to social services than just letting you tell your friends what you had last night for dinner, or who you went to watch the new Tin Tin movie with. Just take a look at Quirky to see what I mean. This site lets you share the best ideas for products you have with the world, and (what’s even better) start doing something to make them come true. Quirky is a social product development platform that lets inventors like you pitch your ideas, and (if all goes well) begin having your products built for everybody to enjoy.


Product pitches are kept really short, in a bid to encourage people not to meander and end up wasting the time of others. If you want to pitch anything on, you’ll have to do it in no more than 140 characters. The actual creation of your pitch is made all the more simple because you can categorize what you’re pitching (kitchen, home decor, fitness…), and name the problem you’re trying to solve directly.

People will then get to vote on what you’ve pitched, and if your invention rises to the top then it will be manufactured and put on the racks of stores like Amazon, Target, OfficeMax and Bed Bath & Beyond.

You’re charged $10 for each idea that you submit. You’ll get paid when (and if) your product gets made and sold. The more units you sell, then the more money you’ll end up getting. In Their Own Words

The easiest way to bring your ideas to life.

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How much money can you really make like this?


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