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Mecum is an auction house that specializes in collector cars, motorcycles, tractors, boats and assorted road art and memorabilia. Its website is found at, and there you can learn about all the lots that are going to be auctioned off next. As it was only to be expected, on the site you can view photos of all these items from every possible angle. And (just as important) you can visit the profile page of each seller, and know exactly who you’re going to be buying anything from.


You’ll get to see his full transaction history, and if he has ever sold anything that was different from what he claimed that he was selling you’ll know it on the spot. And you’ll also realize if he has got a sterling reputation without having to ask anybody, of course. That’s what his feedback is here for.

Plus, you can check the profiles of every other member of, and start knowing those who you’ll be bidding against much better.

The site also lets you sign up for email updates, and know both when new lots are going to be auctioned, and who has bought what on any recent sale. Once you’ve become a member of Mecum (it’s free), you can register for these email updates on this page.


Author : Irene Davids

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