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LeadsByVideo.comIf you’re looking to use video to advertise your product or service, but don’t feel like shelling out a lot of money for cable TV placement or wasting time embedding a video in on online advertisent for a non-target audience, you should check out LeadsByVideo. The Austrailian-based video advertising site allows you to upload your video for free after watching 90 seconds worth of others’ commercials.


Unlike other traffic exchanges where your visitors earn reciprocal traffic for visiting your site, LeadsByVideo users visit the site without ulterior motives. You can either upload your own video or have LeadsByVideo create one for you, and each has to be restricted to thirty seconds in length. The viewer can either click through to access your site, mark the video for later access, or move on to the next video. Videos are streamed an unlimited number of times, and the least-viewed videos are always shown to users first, so you can be sure that your advertisement will reach potential customers. In Their Own Words

“LBV helps businesses profit by delivering the highest quality leads available anywhere online. The unique service is free and uses video infomercials instead of limited text link ads to educate prospects about the businesses’ products. This ensures increased sales with minimal customer enquiry”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

LeadsByVideo is perfect for any advertiser on a budget who wants to reach an audience for no cost whatsoever. It’s incredibly easy to get a video up and running, and if you don’t have the means to make your own video, it’s pretty cool that the site will do it for you if you desire. Their 5-step traffic evaluation process screens viewers to make sure that the leads they send you are actually interested parties, and keeps spam and malicious posters out with their “foolproof” security system. In the more than 30 videos that streamed while I was on this site reviewing it, I did not see one irrelevant clip.

Some Questions About

I’m not really sure about LeadsByVideo’s claim that ” unlike other traffic exchanges where your visitors earn reciprocal traffic for visiting your site, LBV visitors arrive without incentivised ulterior motives making them top quality hot leads”. While it’s true that LBV isn’t a place that receives traffic that is only interested in offers and not in the company itself, I’m not sure that LBV achieves the target audience either; other advertisers aren’t necessarily going to be interested in the advertisements of others.


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