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FrankAndOak.comFor young men who are trying to define their style there is this site. Frank & Oak is aimed at men aged 20 – 35 who are looking for clothes that are affordable, but not any less stylish because of that. If you’re one, by signing up for a Frank & Oak account and telling the site about your tastes and preferences you’ll start receiving a monthly newsletter with nothing but personalized recommendations. In all cases, we’re talking about items that can be bought at very reasonable prices. Shirts currently cost about $40, and accessories like belts are sold for about $25.


As a user of Frank & Oak, you can select up to five items from the ones that are offered. These will be mailed to you free of charge, and then you’ll keep the ones you like. The ones that really don’t look good on you can easily be returned.

Frank & Oak is presented by Modasuite, a Canadian company that has already been serving the needs of men aged 30 – 45. This newest venture is interesting because the demands of a younger public make for a more dynamic production experience. Costs are lowered, and a younger public is always less picky and fussy. In Their Own Words

Look great. No sweat. Fresh threads Delivered monthly. All under $50.

Some Questions About

How does this compare to a service like Manpacks? Which one really suits the needs of young men best?


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