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Dealio (slang for “deal“) helps you find the best deals on anything, anywhere, so you never pay retail again. It takes the hassle out of finding the best deals through their deal community and comparison shopping toolbar.


You can search to compare prices on over 30 million products offered by over 100,000 merchants. The newest are all listed on the homepage, and you can search the site both by category and by retailer.

Plus, relevant steals posted by the community appear in the search results so you’ll never miss a hot discount, coupon or mail in rebate. And it’s really easy to find the coolest deals around since everything is voted up and down, and commented.

At any rate, Dealios’ main attractions are some deal hunting tools available to download for free. There’s one named Deskball that can automatically search for deals while you shop, and notify you if it finds a better price. Then, there’s the Dealio Shopping Toolbar. This is quick and easy to install and use, and once you have it you’ll be told about better deals on anything you want to buy online.

That is, whenever you want to buy anything the toolbar will point you to these retailers where that item can be had for less. And this includes not only sites like Amazon, but also auction sites such as eBay.

And there’s also some widgets that you can add to your desktop and find the lowest prices online without even having to open your web browser. In Their Own Words

“Dealio is your source for the best deals on anything, anywhere. Search for deals directly from our Web site or use our arsenal of FREE deal hunting tools to find the best deals while you’re on the go. Whichever Dealio resource you use, our goal is that you never pay retail for anything again.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Dealio has the potential to reach a huge market. Online shopping has never been so popular, it offers tracking down a great gift without the hassle of crazy crowds, pushy sales staff, and assorted mall madness. The online comparison-shopping business grew along with Internet commerce itself and there’s still plenty of room for this business to grow.

Some Questions About

Will Dealio be able to grab a significant portion of the market? Comparison shopping sites are popping up each day. Dealio has entered a competitive and crowded market, with so many places for consumers to get shopping information. On the other hand, how can a consumer know which sites and shopping tools to trust? Searching for the best deal isn’t as simple as typing a search term into a comparison shopping site. In many cases, it still pays to shop around.


Author : Bill Webb

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